About the Cookbook Challenge

Jacob and I are both adamant about finding new recipes to try, but as two people who mostly sit in uncomfortable chairs staring at a screen all day, most of the recipes we try tend to be from our favorite recipe blogs.  You would think the two of us didn’t have a mountain of perfectly good cookbooks just sitting mere yards away from us, but you would be wrong.

We have a wide variety of cookbooks, everything from the mundane (Joy of Cooking) to the disgusting and unpredictable (Luby’s Cookbook).  With this blog, we’re planning to document our attempts to, at least once a week, try a recipe out of our own personal cookbook library.  I know what you’re thinking… Wait, but if you start a cooking blog about how you’re rebelling from cooking blogs, are you being part of the problem, MAN????  Calm down!  There is no problem here, we’re not rebelling from cooking blogs.  We still find a ton of our other recipes on our favorite blogs.  This is just our attempt to stop neglecting our many cookbooks, and perhaps honor the genre of cookbooks altogether.  After all, there is something about having a cookbook right there by your side while you cook, or flipping through one to find a recipe that speaks to you, or finding little notes in the margins from someone who made the dish before you.

One note – We try to stick closely to the recipes we’ve chosen, but that’s not always the way to cook, is it?  We’ve adapted certain things to our tastes or our resources, but we’ve tried as best we can to make notes of any changes along the way.

Special thanks to all our friends and families who understand our passion for cooking and have provided us with many of the cookbooks featured here!  I hope we get to cook something tasty for all of you someday. xo


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